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Style 1

This is the scrub hat that started it all at KimKaps! 100% cotton construction with a nice wide band and plenty of room for those of you with long hair. We have included an adjustable cord-lock toggle in the elasticised back so this style can fit everyone. Very popular! The side view shows that this hat can accommodate long hair and still fit nice and snugly around your head. Of course, customers with hair of any length will love the fit and style! You're going to look so cute!

Style 2

Style 2 has the same great fit and styling as Style 1, but we've mixed it up a bit by setting off the main fabric with a coordinating band. Oh, the possibilities! We have a lot of fun finding just the right fabric coordinates to bring out the best in every hat. Sometimes two fabrics vie for the title of cutest band fabric, and we simply must include both. You're going to look so cute!

Style 3

Style 3 fits close to the head with an elasticized back and tapering ties that you can finish in a stylish knot or a darling bow. This style is self-lined, so you can turn it up a little or a lot for just the right fit over your forehead. Because the lining is cut generously, there is a surprising amount of room to fit longer, heavier hair lengths into this hat style while still keeping it all up off the base of the neck. A Style 3 hat over longer hair will simply show less of the upturned lining over the brow. You're going to look so cute!

Style 4

This scrub hat has the same close and personalized fit as Style 3, but is lined with a coordinating fabric for an unexpected dose of cute! One of our most popular styles. As with Style 3, Style 4′s lining makes this a hat flexible enough to accommodate a longer hair length than you would imagine. If you have to cover up gorgeous hair, it should be done in the cutest way possible! You're going to look so cute!

Style 5

Our Style 5 hat is a sleek, minimalist look that is popular with both men and women. Fitting close to the head, Style 5 is self-lined so it can be turned up for a custom fit without showing a "wrong" side of the fabric! The ties ensure a secure fit. You're going to look so cute!

Style 6

We LOVE our Style 6 hats, or as we like to call them around the shop, "The Ribbons." Designed for longer hair but adaptable to shorter styles, Style 6 features a self-lined hat section that turns up above the brow and a pouch for tucking the length of your hair into. Best of all is a generously sized attached coordinating ribbon to cinch the hat snugly to your head while securing the pouch like a ponytail. CUTE! And check this out! If you have shorter hair, you can "hack" Style 6 to make it fit you; tuck the pony pouch up into the hat portion and tie the ribbon into a bow over the opening. Can you see why we love "The Ribbons"? You'll love them, too! You're going to look so cute!

Style 7

Style 7 is perfect for medium to longer-length hair & gives you even more of what you have already come to expect from a Kimkap! The band is sized identically to our Styles 1 and 2, but then tapers down into ties that give you a customized fit when you choose to either tie them under the fullness of the cap in traditional bouffant style, or cinched over the top to create a whole new look! Most choices in Style 7 will be designated 7-2, meaning that two coordinating fabrics will be used to create the cap, as shown in the top & bottom photos. We'll also stock hats in this style that will utilize just one (fabulously cute!) fabric, and we'll give those single-fabric hats a 7-1 designation, like the style in the middle photo above. You're going to look so cute!

Style 8

Our newest addition to the KimKaps line is Style 8, which is a combination of Styles 1&2 and 3&4, a perfect combination of a traditional cap style and a Bouffant. (Also known as a "European" style and is very popular in Europe.) Style 8 is perfect for those with long hair and even accommodates dreadlocks. The adjustable toggle in this popular style allows it to fit everyone with any hair length. You're going to look so cute!

Style 9

We're continuing to revolutionize the OR with yet another innovative product! Our latest addition to our line of surgical scrub caps isn't a cap at all! Designed to be worn under the standard blue disposable caps, our Headbands keep hair out of your face while allowing you to continue to express your personality with our ever-growing collection of fabrics. Simply pull all of your hair through the headband and push it away from your forehead, then place your disposable cap over it, concealing all hair. Made from 100% Cotton with A no-slip strip lining on the inside and tapered edges near the ears with elasticized adjustable closure in the back, we're sure you will find it is as comfortable as it is cute. We've also found that our Headbands are quite popular among runners and are great for working out or wearing under a bike helmet as well. Try one today and see how cute you look. SHIPPING IS FREE WHEN YOU ORDER 2 OR MORE, OR COMBINE WITH ANY OTHER ITEM FROM KIMKAPS.COM.


We are proud to be the only scrub hat company to offer a style exc exclusively in silky, satiny, cotton-free fabric! Our Satin line is virtually the same as the classics Style 1 and Style 2, but cut a bit more generously for thicker hair and a nicely flowing shape. Our customers with African-American or very curly hair know that the friction from constant contact with disposable or cotton scrub hats can dry out or even break their hair. Our lightweight, satiny fabrics glide over curly textures while giving you great style. You'll love 'em!
You're going to look so cute!

Satin 8

We've expanded our Satin line to include our popular Style 8, a "European" style which is a great combination of our styles 1&2 and 3&4. A mix of a traditional cap with a Bouffant, Style 8 features an adjustable toggle and accommodates any length of hair. The blend of this fashionable style and our silky, satiny fabrics will be a stylish addition to your work wardrobe. You're going to look so cute!